The Mikado Method Book

July 22, 2013

Ellnestam-MikadoMethodFor quite some time now we (Daniel and Ola) have been working on a book together. As you may have guessed it’s about the Mikado Method. Some of you are already familiar with our work through workshops, this blog or maybe the early version of a PDF book which was available as a free download from here.

As of early May 2013 our free PDF transformed to a MEAP.

MEAP stands for Manning Early Access Program which is a way for interested readers to get a preview of an upcoming book via Manning, our publisher.

The paper version and the full book will be available through Manning early 2014 but if you can’t wait (and you shouldn’t), buy your copy today and get access to the MEAP version of ‘The Mikado Method’ here:

The Mikado Method at Manning

The Mikado Method book

August 4, 2010


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