We just split and moved the Mikado Method code examples and exercises on github.

The new location is a github organization for the Mikado Method:


(Old location: https://github.com/brolund/mikadomethod)

The examples are now split in separate repositories for better separation of concerns.

The examples are

The example from the book (Chapter 2).

The example from the book, in C#.

Some messy code containing a solar system simulation and an breakout embryo, all in one. We intent to specify some good goals to practice larger refactorings and restructurings.

Another example. We intend to give you some hints on meaningful goals here as well.

The Mikado Method book

August 4, 2010


We moved this page to https://mikadomethod.wordpress.com/book/


We will try to gather mentions of the Mikado Method here. If you know of an article that is not in this list, please let us know and we will update the list. The mentions can be both positive and negative. It is likely that the method works better in some cases and worse in others, so we would like to see that as well.

In the twitter flow you find it here

A couple of years ago, Ola Ellnestam and Daniel Brolund was working on a project where the code was a big ball of mud, or at least well on the way there. Global variables and singletons all across the code base, circular dependencies, deep and fragile inheritance hierarchies etc. The Technical Debt was everywhere.

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